List Of The 18 Shortest UFC Fighters Ever

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was formed by businessman Art Davie and Brazilian martial artist Rorion Gracie in 1993 at the McNichols Sports Arena in Denver, Colorado. The early Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments were held to determine the most effective martial art in a competition with few rules and no weight divisions involving contestants from … Read more

List of the 21 Shortest Runway Models in History

Models are known for being tall, and you might watch a whole fashion TV show without spotting anyone shorter than 5-foot-8. Designers prefer taller women with a thin frame to focus on the clothes instead of the model’s physical appearance. In addition, taller models give a more powerful figure on the runway than most regular … Read more

List of The 20 Shortest WNBA Players Ever

Generally, basketball is known to be a game for tall people and is dominated by players who are over six feet tall. If you thought that the tallest basketballers were in the NBA, it is time you paid attention to the Women’s National Basketball Association. The tallest WNBA player is Margo Dydek, who is 7 … Read more

List of The 24 Shortest Rappers in The World

Physical appearance seems to be an advantage in the rap industry besides having the best bars and rhymes. Height does not matter to most rappers, provided their personality is in order. Great personality and determination make the difference and make up for any deficiencies. A few rappers like Bushwick Bill have been discriminated against for … Read more

List of The 23 Shortest NFL Players Ever

NFL players come in different sizes and shapes. While most people focus on finding the tallest and most gigantic NFL players globally, it is time to focus on players who have broken the bias. These players might be small, but they have defied logic and proven that skills beats height. Even though height and weight … Read more

List of The 23 Shortest NBA Players Ever


The average height of NBA players is 6ft 6in. However, the height difference among players is quite evident. The tallest player is 7-foot-7, and the shortest one is 5-foot-3. There have been more than ten players in NBA history who were 5-foot-9 or shorter. These players have managed to break the stereotypes and prove that … Read more

List of The 15 Tallest Women Who Ever Lived

Biologically, women do not grow as tall as men, but a there are a few exceptions to consider. Many people would wish to be tall, especially if they feel intimidated about their heights. Men dominate the world records for the tallest people, and only a few ladies feature on the top ten list. However, it … Read more