12 Animals That Are Long and Skinny


If you are a fan of biology, you understand that animals can differ in size even from the same species. You can therefore know about the physical characteristics of a particular family of animals but confuse their identity due to similarities. This is why biologists take time to categorize animals by all the characteristics they … Read more

13 Animals That Are About 3 Meters (m) Long/Tall

The beauty of nature lies in the variety of animals in the wild and the ocean. The size difference among animals is responsible for feeding and survival habits. More giant animals tend to prey on others, while smaller animals are always targeted for food. One way to understand these animals is knowing their sizes and … Read more

13 Animals That Are About 12 Inches (in) Long

Animals in the wild or at home come in various sizes depending on their adaptation and ancestral DNA. Some are small, measuring around 2 millimeters, while some grow to tens of feet. Maybe you have read about the sizes of a few animals but only the common ones like dogs and cats. You may have … Read more

13 Animals That Are 10 Feet (ft.) Long or Tall

When you go to the zoo or safari drive, you will see some of the biggest animals like giraffes, elephants, and rhinos, some of the enormous animals on earth. These animals also come in different heights, with the giraffe being the tallest at around 19 feet. If you have been curious to learn about animals … Read more

13 Animals That Are 1 Foot (ft.) Long/Tall

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12 Animals That Are 1 Meter (m) Long/Tall

The world would be boring without animals, considering they do a good job balancing nature. Wild and domesticated animals come in different sizes, shapes, and colors that most biology enthusiasts keep learning about. As new species get discovered every day, there is too much information to learn about animals, which might be hectic for some … Read more

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The Longest Rivers in The World (categorized by continent)

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