19 Things That Are 1/4 Inches (in) Thick

It is quite fascinating how beautiful everything around us looks. All the objects you come across have distinct shapes and sizes. It would take forever to record the dimensions of everything you see, but the results are worth it. The inch measurement is somewhat bigger than the centimeter, and most people seem confused when converting … Read more

14 Things That Are 5 Millimeters (mm) Thick

The term millimeters refers to the sizes of small objects, including parts of the human body. Understanding measurements goes a long way in helping you get the right tools for the job. For example, doctors use millimeters in hospitals to determine tumor sizes and settle on a treatment method. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone … Read more

16 Things That Are 2 Millimeters (mm) Thick

The millimeter is a unit of measurement for lengths and is used to measure smaller items. The prefix term ‘milli’ denotes the factor of one-thousandth. When recording millimeter measurements, you can abbreviate them as (mm). When measuring the length, width, or thickness of stuff, 1 meter converts to 1000 millimeters. When recording the thickness of … Read more