9 Things That Are About 8.5 Inches (in) Long/Wide

A twelfth of a foot is equivalent to one inch which is a term that’s commonly used to describe a small amount, a distance, or a degree.  Things measuring 8.5 inches in length can be found in our homes, offices, and pretty much anywhere else. This article will provide you with an overview of some … Read more

8 Things That Are About 6.5 Inches (in) Long/Wide

Sometimes you might find yourself in a situation where you need to measure the length of dome items, but you don’t have s ruler or a tape measure. If this is the case, you can use the things you already know their lengths to help you out. Therefore, it is crucial to know the measurement … Read more

9 Things That Are 7 Inches (in) Diameter

Knowing the measurement of the different things you interact with daily or occasionally can be fun, especially if these objects are circular. Knowing the diameter of certain things makes work easier. For instance, if you need to buy something or fix something around the house, you know the exact measurement to get. To know the … Read more

12 Things That Are About 1 Inch (in) in Diameter

At some point, you have held something in your hand that is one inch in diameter. It could be a quarter, a bottle cap, or an earring. You will be surprised to realize that most basic things are between 0.5 to 7 inches in diameter. Learning about these things helps you stay in tune with … Read more

10 Things That Are About 10 Centimeters (cm) Long

10 centimeters is equal to approximately 4 inches or 100 millimeters. Although it seems abstract, 10 centimeters is a common measurement that you can use to compare lengths. The idea is to determine how long or tall something is. Therefore, thinking about everyday things about 10 centimeters long will help you better visualize this length. … Read more

9 Things That Are About 2 Inches in Diameter

2 inches equals about 5 centimeters and 50 millimeters. Before you determine what falls under this category, you should understand what diameter is. A line that passes through the center of a circle and touches both sides is the diameter of that circle. Therefore, knowing what things are 2 inches in diameter will help you … Read more

9 Things That Are About 4 Inches (in) in Diameter

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