7 Things That Are About 25 Meters (m) long

In a world filled with an endless list of products, it is critical to know the length of things around you, as many people do not have metric scales within reach of their homes or around them. This is mostly because it will be extremely useful for metric comparisons and determining the length of a thing by simply comparing it to the length of a similar item. 

Things that are 25 meters long are listed in this piece, along with interesting details about each item.

1. 25 Meters Swimming pool 

A swimming pool is a facility that holds water and allows people to swim or engage in other leisure activities. Pools can be built into the ground (in-ground pools) or above ground (as a standalone structure or as part of a building or other bigger structure), and they are common on cruise ships and ocean liners.

In-ground pools are often made of concrete, natural stone, metal, plastic, or fiberglass, and can be created to a custom size and shape or a set size, with the Olympic-size swimming pool being the largest.

The majority of pools around the world are measured in meters, although in the United States, they are frequently measured in feet and yards. The majority of pools in the United Kingdom are measured in meters. Pools in the United States are usually 25 yards (SCY-short course yards), 25 meters (SCM-short course meters), or 50 meters in length (long course). 

However, the international standard is meters, and world records can only be set in 50-meter pools (or 25 m for short course).

2. AquaDom

The AquaDom is a 25 m (82 ft) tall circular acrylic glass tank with a built-in transparent elevator in Berlin, Germany. It is located on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in Berlin-Mitte, inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in the DomAquarée complex. Offices, a museum, a restaurant, and the aquarium Berlin Sea Life Centre are all part of the DomAquarée complex.

The AquaDom first opened its doors in 2004. It was estimated to cost around 12.8 million euros. International Concept Management, Inc., a corporation based in the United States, created the acrylic cylinder. It is now the major attraction at Merlin Entertainments’ Berlin Sea Life Centre.

3. Great Buddha statue

In Bodh Gaya, Bihar, the Great Buddha statue is a famous stop along Buddhist pilgrimage and tourist itineraries (India). The Buddha is seated in a meditation stance, or dhyana mudra, on a lotus in the open air, according to the statue, which stands 19.5 meters (64 feet) tall. The Buddha is 20 meters tall, and the structure as a whole is 25 meters (82 feet) tall. 

V. Ganapati Sthapati created the statue, which took seven years to finish with the help of 12,000 stonemasons. It is made up of a mixture of sandstone and red granite rocks. Inside the statue, a hollow spiral staircase leads from the ground to the chest.

The Great Buddha statue is surrounded by smaller sculptures of Buddha’s ten prominent disciples, five on each side, in a garden at the end of Temple Street.

4. Alliance 

The Alliance is a 25-meter-high (82-foot) sculpture by Paris installation artist Jean-Bernard Metais in the heart of Cardiff, Wales. It’s made out of a huge, partly enameled stainless steel arrow and a glow-in-the-dark hoop. It was launched on December 3, 2009, as part of a £1.5 million public art program in the city center, and was funded by the St David’s retail center.

The sculpture’s construction began on November 16, 2009, and was completed in less than a fortnight. Three articulated lorries were used to transport the sculpture into the city center, and a crane was used to raise it into place. Alliance has three points of contact with the earth, and its foundations are three meters deep.

5. Mostar Bridge 

The Mostar Old Bridge, also known as Stari Most, is the city’s brightest beacon, situated where the Neretva River snakes through the gorgeous Mostar valley. 

Mostar Bridge, planned by Mimar Hajruddin and built in the 16th century, took nine years to complete and is an exemplary example of Ottoman bridge architecture. The bridge was highly sophisticated for a single-span stone bridge at the time. 

The Mostar Bridge has a total height of around 25 meters and a width of about 4 meters. It contains two towers that housed the Mostari in the past (bridge keepers). Be careful that, despite its peaceful appearance from afar, the bridge is a little slick and has an elevation.

The bridge divers are one of the most interesting sights in Mostar. They attract enormous crowds by daringly jumping off the bridge and into the Neretva river below.

6. Fishing Trawler 

A fishing trawler is a commercial fishing vessel that uses trawls to catch fish. Trawling is a type of fishing in which a trawl is actively dragged or pulled across the water by one or more trawlers. Trawls are fishing nets that are towed along the seafloor or in the middle of the ocean at a specific depth. A trawler can also run two or more trawl nets at the same time. 

Trawlers are classed according to their architecture, the type of fish they collect, the fishing method they use, and their geographic origin. 

Trawlers (excluding huge trawlers) are typically 25-27 meters long with a beam of roughly 6.1 meters.

7. 25m Water Hose and Reel

A Hose Reel is a cylindrical spindle that is used to store a hose and is made of metal, fiberglass, or plastic. Spring-driven (self-retracting), hand-crank, and motor-driven hose reels are the most popular types.

Hose reels are classified according to the diameter and length of the hose that they contain, as well as the pressure rating and rewind technique. Hose reels can be either permanent or portable and can be linked to a vehicle, trailer, or cart. A 25-meter water hose and reel can be easily found on Amazon or in any other retailer.